Frozen Colored Rats

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Preparation and Feeding Instructions:
  1. Do not handle reptile before offering feeder.
  2. Always feed reptiles separately.
  3. Place rodent bag in warm water until thawed. Do not microwave.
  4. When completely thawed, grasp the  feeder with tongs and present to reptile.
  5. Feeding response may be encouraged by wiggling rodent.
  6. Release feeder when reptile strikes and acquires.
  7. Avoid the risk of bites: Always wash hands after handling feeder rodents.
  8. Never prepare or store frozen feeders where human food is prepared, stored, or consumed.
*Frequency of feeding depends on the species. Please check with your vet or pet professional for advice.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 83 ratings


Would recommend to a friend

Rated 5 out of 5
May 5, 2023
Who are you feeding? Ball Python

Love LayneLabs

I was recommended to LayneLabs by a friend after having a hard time finding a reliable and clean way to feed me snake. There is no worry of unclean rats and they deliver way earlier than their expected delivery dates. My snake is thriving and I will continue to use LayneLabs throughout his life.

  • Deanna Mendoza
  • Lawndale, CA
Rated 5 out of 5
April 26, 2023
Who are you feeding? Boa Constrictors


I was looking for a place that had a great deal on rats for my boas. I usually buy from another place but the amount that I was getting for the price with shipping was getting to expensive for me. I found Layne Labs on Google and compared pricing with my other usual vendor and it was alot better. I also compared them with another place I found on google but they were still better for my options. The shipping was very fast. It usually takes a week to get my rats from the other vendor. These from Layne Labs arrived in 3 days!!! The box was alot smaller than the one they come in from the other vendor which im sure saves a little on shipping. I also loved that I could get a mixture of small and medium rats!! My male is bigger than my female at the moment so the mixture of sizes really helps!

  • Eric H.
  • Sherwood, AR
Rated 5 out of 5
April 21, 2023
Who are you feeding? 15 year old ball python

Always consistent and reliable

Rats are always consistent and in great shape. My snake never refuses them.

  • Chris L.
  • Gardner, MA
  • Home Pet
Rated 5 out of 5
April 20, 2023
Who are you feeding? Ball Python, Rosy Boa, Pi ball & Corn

I absolutely would be lost without Laynel Labs

I have a total peace of mind knowing mg snakes are eating healthy food. I’d be lost without Laynel Labs!

  • Renee Brittell
  • Cambria, CA
  • Urban Dogs and Cats

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