Frozen Quail

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What types of animals eat Quail?

Birds of Prey:
Frozen quail are a staple for many wildlife rehabilitation centers where birds of prey (also called raptors) are cared for. Many raptor species feed on smaller birds in the wild. By feeding Layne Labs quail rehabilitators give the birds in their care a more natural food source, and because the quail themselves are well fed, the wildlife rehabilitators know the birds of prey are getting the quality nutrition they need to recover and return to the wild.
Thousands of sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey are rescued every year and brought to local Wildlife Rehabilitation facilities to be cared for until they can return to the wild. If you find an injured, sick or orphaned raptor, or any other wild animal, please contact your nearest local wildlife rehabilitator. You can view our list of wildlife rehabilitators to find the one closest to you.
Layne Labs’ six-week quail are the perfect size for medium and large birds of prey like Red-Tailed Hawks and many species of eagle. The smaller 3 week quail are more suitable for smaller raptors and falcons like Kestrels, Peregrine Falcons, Aplomado Falcons other similar birds.

Offering a naturally diverse diet can be very beneficial for reptiles in captivity. Many reptiles thrive when frozen quail are added to their diet. In fact, offering quail may be one solution for fussy snakes and other reptiles that are reluctant to eat. By feeding frozen quail every second or third feeding, those picky eaters get something different that make perk up their appetite. Carpet Pythons, Roughies (Rough-scaled Pythons), Green Tree Pythons, and various Monitor Lizards are a few of the reptiles that may enjoy the addition of quail to their diet.

Natural Pet Diet:
Feeding your cat or dog Layne Labs frozen quail is a great way to supplement your pet’s diet. As more is learned about pet nutrition, it is clear that commercial diets may not be as balanced as was once thought. Dogs and cats are meat eaters but what is often forgotten is that, in the wild meat eaters eat bones, skin and other parts of the animals they catch. Natural whole prey food items like quail provide a variety of proteins, nutrients and minerals that your pet may not be getting from commercial diets.

1 Day7-19gNo
1 Week20-45g
2-3 Week46-79g
4-5 Week80-109g
6 Week110-155g
8 Week156+g
Preparation and Feeding Instructions:
  1. Do not handle reptile before offering feeder.
  2. Always feed reptiles separately.
  3. Place rodent bag in warm water until thawed. Do not microwave.
  4. When completely thawed, grasp the  feeder with tongs and present to reptile.
  5. Feeding response may be encouraged by wiggling rodent.
  6. Release feeder when reptile strikes and acquires.
  7. Avoid the risk of bites: Always wash hands after handling feeder rodents.
  8. Never prepare or store frozen feeders where human food is prepared, stored, or consumed.
*Frequency of feeding depends on the species. Please check with your vet or pet professional for advice.

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Rated 5 out of 5
July 12, 2024
Who are you feeding? Goshawk and peregrine

Well packaged, super quick delivery

Good product super fast delivery , very frozen

  • Dave b
  • Green Valley, CA
Dave b
Rated 5 out of 5
June 27, 2024
Who are you feeding? Ball pythons, BCI boas, Dumeril boas, and Kenyan sand boas

Can’t ask for better.

I love the way the feeders are packaged. I live in really hot temperatures and they insulated the feeders well. I also got my package quickly. I definitely recommend Layne Labs.

  • Moranda G
  • 22399 Adobe Road, CA
Moranda G
Rated 5 out of 5
May 28, 2024
Who are you feeding? Ball Python

High Quality and Perfect Condition

I found LayneLabs through ColdBlooded and I can say without a doubt that they have the best quality feeders I’ve seen the packaging is a huge plus, and the feeders don’t show any signs of trauma. And now to mention my python’s reviews. He absolutely loves them! I’ve never seen him strike faster at food before. I usually feed him these a few days before his main feeding and I can tell it’s a favorite of his. I’ll be ordering more in the future and I recommend ball python owners give quails a try!

  • Brittany
  • Maryville, TN
Rated 5 out of 5
December 26, 2023
Who are you feeding? Children's Python

Belos responded well to the target training, it took him 5 hours to consume the quail!

The quail arrived fresh and freeze dried with no visible signs of additional trauma after the deed. It's about all you can ask for.

  • Joe
  • Centerburg, OH

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