Frozen Guinea Pigs

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What types of animals eat Guinea Pigs?

Birds of Prey:
South America, where the guinea pig originates from, is home to a wide variety of raptors (birds of prey), many of whom feed on native rodents. Feeding guinea pigs to birds of prey may just provide a slightly different balance of proteins, minerals and other nutrients than the rats and mice more commonly fed in the US. Whether the raptor is a wild bird at a rehabilitation center, recovering from an injury or illness before being returned to the wild or a wildlife ambassador, who will live at the wildlife center or a zoo to teach people about birds and their habitat, feeding a variety of quality foods is one way to help ensure these beautiful birds stay healthy.

Thousands of sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey are rescued every year and brought to local Wildlife Rehabilitation facilities to be cared for until they can return to the wild. If you find an injured, sick or orphaned raptor, or any other wild animal, please contact your nearest local wildlife rehabilitator. You can view our list of wildlife rehabilitators to find the one closest to you.

Snakes and lizards are also numerous in South America, including some of the common pets species such as boa constrictors and iguanas. These reptiles, and many others, often respond well to variety in their diet. By adding guinea pigs to supplement the rats, mice or day old chicks they normally get, your reptiles may just be a little less fussy at feeding time. And, given how little is really known about reptile nutrition, feeding a variety of foods makes it more likely that you’re feeding a balanced diet.

Wild Carnivore Diet:
Just as birds of prey may benefit from the inclusion of guinea pigs in their diet, wild carnivores, especially those species who normally prey on small rodents, are likely to enjoy them as a change of pace. And, like the raptors, many wild carnivores, particularly the small felines, are originally from South America, where they would have fed on close relatives of the guinea pig. In addition to changing the types of food offered, it’s never a bad idea to try and replicate the natural diet of any animal.

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Preparation and Feeding Instructions:
  1. Do not handle reptile before offering feeder.
  2. Always feed reptiles separately.
  3. Place rodent bag in warm water until thawed. Do not microwave.
  4. When completely thawed, grasp the  feeder with tongs and present to reptile.
  5. Feeding response may be encouraged by wiggling rodent.
  6. Release feeder when reptile strikes and acquires.
  7. Avoid the risk of bites: Always wash hands after handling feeder rodents.
  8. Never prepare or store frozen feeders where human food is prepared, stored, or consumed.
*Frequency of feeding depends on the species. Please check with your vet or pet professional for advice.

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September 25, 2023
Who are you feeding? Serval's & Savannah Cats

Our Serval's & Savannah's Love the variety of Food from LayneLabs!

We feed our Cats and kittens a variety of foods but the cats favorites are the food that we get from LayneLabs. They love the Guinea Pigs and the chicks. We have been faithful buyers of our cats foods that we get from LayneLabs.

  • Cynthia B
  • Las Vegas, NV
Cynthia B
Rated 5 out of 5
May 11, 2023
Who are you feeding? African Servals & Savannah Cats

Best Quality and Service!

I have tried many companies and LayneLabs has the best products for our animals and the service is very good too! Highly recommend!

  • Exotic Hybrid Cats
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Savannah Cat Breeder
Rated 5 out of 5
February 8, 2023
Who are you feeding? African Serval's & Savannah Cats

Our Serval's & Savannah's LOVE your GUINEA PIGS & CHICKS

Thank you for always being so professional and having fresh products for our animals. Las Vegas Exotic Hybrid Cats

  • Cynthia B
  • Las Vegas, NV
Rated 5 out of 5
December 23, 2022
Who are you feeding? Ball Python, rainbow boa, white lipped Python, red tail boa, sunbeam, Mexican burrowing Python

Great quality food for snakes

I placed my first order with Layne and received it quickly and well packed. The rodents I ordered are excellent quality. Well fed and healthy. In the past, feeding F/T was a bit difficult with mediocre interest. Now, my snakes are out of their hides a day or two before their scheduled feeding. These F/T do not smell bad. I’ve purchased from F/T reptile shows only to get home, open the bag, and almost faint from the overwhelming urine and feces stench. Online from other companies isn’t that bad, but there is a strong aroma of rodent urine that I had in every order. Happy I decided to give Layne a try. No bad smell. Just healthy looking, bad odor free rodents. I will be placing another order soon.

  • Ginny M
  • Ozark, MO
  • Hobbyist
Ginny M

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