1 Day Frozen Chicks

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What types of animals eat Chicks?

Birds of Prey:
For the many birds of prey who feed on smaller birds in the wild, day old chicks are a great source of nutrition while they are being cared for in wildlife rehabilitation centers, as they recover from illness, injury or being orphaned. At zoos and other education facilities, animal ambassadors need consistent high quality food to maintain their health. These raptors put on amazing displays of their flying skills for people, helping to educate the public about themselves and their natural habitat. Feeding whole prey items, like day old chicks, is one way to help ensure they get the nutrition they need.
Thousands of sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey are rescued every year and brought to local Wildlife Rehabilitation facilities to be cared for until they can return to the wild. If you find an injured, sick or orphaned raptor, or any other wild animal, please contact your nearest local wildlife rehabilitator. You can view our list of wildlife rehabilitators to find the one closest to you.

Meat eating snakes and lizards often benefit from variety in their diet. For some, frozen day old chicks will be the primary food, supplemented with rats or mice, or even quail. For others, the frozen chicks will provide that change of pace from their normal routine of rats or mice. That variety, offered every second or third feeding might be just the thing to get fussy eaters back on track. Carpet Pythons, Roughies (Rough-scaled Pythons), Green Tree Pythons, and various Monitor Lizards are a few of the reptiles that may enjoy the addition of chicks to their diet.

Wild Carnivore Diet:
Wild carnivores are designed to eat whole animals. Natural prey items provide a variety of proteins, minerals and other nutrients that they may not get from feeding commercial dog or cat foods. As more is learned about carnivore nutrition, it is clear that commercial diets may not be as balanced as was once thought. Whether in a wildlife rehabilitation center awaiting release or in a zoo or educational facility, including frozen chicks in every carnivore’s diet is one way to help ensure a balanced nutritional state.

Layne Labs offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee including guaranteed frozen delivery on all products and exact sizing specifications. We also guarantee the quality, appearance, and freshness of every product we ship. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason please contact us. We are here to help.
Preparation and Feeding Instructions:
  1. Do not handle reptile before offering feeder.
  2. Always feed reptiles separately.
  3. Place rodent bag in warm water until thawed. Do not microwave.
  4. When completely thawed, grasp the  feeder with tongs and present to reptile.
  5. Feeding response may be encouraged by wiggling rodent.
  6. Release feeder when reptile strikes and acquires.
  7. Avoid the risk of bites: Always wash hands after handling feeder rodents.
  8. Never prepare or store frozen feeders where human food is prepared, stored, or consumed.
*Frequency of feeding depends on the species. Please check with your vet or pet professional for advice.

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Rated 5 out of 5
July 12, 2024
Who are you feeding? Corn Snakes, Cribos, and Kings

Excellent feeders

I finally don’t have to question weather or not the feeders I’m using were treated well, while also being clean, well packaged, and clearly healthy.

  • Tobie
  • Surprise, NY
  • Swampwitch Serpents and Aquazoic LLC
Rated 5 out of 5
June 27, 2024
Who are you feeding? One jungle carpet, python, one Columbian red tail boa, one green tree, python, and one Argentinian Tegu lizard

Great food

this last order was a day late, but it was not Labs’s fault. It was UPS all that being said the product still showed up completely frozen with the dry ice. I have been purchasing Lane labs feeders for over a year now and they are the highest quality and my animals eat every time.

  • Robert W.G.
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Griff
Robert W.G.
Rated 4 out of 5
June 27, 2024
Who are you feeding? Corn Snakes, Milk Snakes, King Snakes and Boas

Overall very pleased with my orders!

I feel Layne Labs is the best frozen rodent supplier nationally. I have purchased rodents from other vendors years ago and have experienced a variety of difficulties. My order is always accurate. The rodents are clean and I love that the bags can be resealed!

  • Dennis G
  • Durham, CA
Dennis G
Rated 5 out of 5
May 8, 2024
Who are you feeding? Many different species of snakes including Boas, Blood and Ball pythons, and assorted colubrids.

Best quality

I have been using Layne Labs for my collection for several years now and have never been disappointed. The rodents are clean, fat and healthy looking. My snakes eat them eagerly and never have problems. I will be ordering from them for as long as I have snakes.

  • Leslie K
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Personal collection
Leslie K

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