Layne Labs

Layne Laboratories has provided zoos, wildlife rehabilitators, universities, and the pet industry with quality live and frozen feeder rodents since 1992. We offer outstanding quality, consistent availability, and extremely competitive pricing. learn more

100% Guarantee

We guarantee our products will meet your satisfaction otherwise we will refund 100% of your purchase. We will email you a return label so you can ship your order back at no charge. For all returns or concerns, please contact customer service at 805.242.7915 or email orders@laynelabs.com

Humane Handling Policy

We believe the animals we raise are every bit as important as the wildlife they are destined to feed. That’s why the Layne Laboratories Humane Handling Policy hangs on every door, in every hallway, and in every office in our facility. learn more


Zoos demonstrate leadership in animal care, science, education and sustainability; provide the highest quality animal care, advance research, and scientific knowledge in conserving wildlife. They teach and inspire people to protect wildlife, natural resources, and habitats. learn more

Wildlife Rehab

Wildlife rehabilitation is the process of caring for injured, orphaned or sick wild animals and releasing them back to the wild when they are able to survive on their own. Humans are always a young wild animal’s last hope for survival, never its best hope. A young animal should only be removed from the wild after all avenues to reunite it with adult animals have been explored. learn more


The decline of Earth’s biodiversity and the need for sustainability practices mandates that we need a new approach to conservation that conveys to people of all walks of the crucial interdependence of plants, animals, people, and the environment. learn more